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Who Else Wants To Earn Recurring Incoming Month After Month, QUIT Your Day Job, AND Find Out How I Help Others Create Sucessful Membership Sites?

Keep reading to discover how people just like you are earning automatic recurring income, month after month after month... and how you can too.

Dear Friend,

If you're looking to get rich online, then I need to share something with you that may feel like a punch to the gut.

A lot of people start their own business online.  The idea of sitting on the back porch drinking a cool glass of lemonade while "working" on your laptop is VERY alluring.  (Sure beats rush hour traffic!)

And while it's certainly possible, the vast majority of people who attempt to quit their day job by selling ebooks, selling items on eBay, or earning affiliate commissions are in for a rude awakening.

Because I'll bet 95% of people who create ebooks, sell on eBay, or become an affiliate will NEVER be able to leave their full time jobs (or create a predictable 2nd income) despite their best efforts because they've failed to generate the most crucial thing they want and need most.

3 words …..steady….predictable….cash flow!

I'll explain more in a minute, but first can I ask you a few questions?

  • Have you struggled to earn sustainable income online?
  • Do you already have a business but are looking for another revenue stream?
  • Have you created and sold info products and want to increase your income?
  • Do you have experience in a hobby, business or profession that you want to monetize?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I can show you how to be one of the 5% of success stories.

First, let me explain how I did it...

When the internet came out I already had a couple of small businesses and was doing quite well. However I, too, felt the temptation to drink lemonade on my back porch and call it "working."

The first thing I did will probably sound familiar...

I bought thousands of dollars worth of information products to learn how to do this. And indeed, I did make a bit of money...

...but the cashflow was never consistent!

Some months I would do very well but other months were a bust. It was just darn hard to keep generating steady traffic and steady sales that I could count on.

Until I finally discovered...

  The Only Internet Business Model
That Brings In Consistent Paychecks...

I discovered it almost by accident.  One of my offline businesses in the 90's was a small but profitable monthly print newsletter.

I loved doing the research and the writing wasn't too bad. But the fulfillment was a real drag.

Ask anyone who has had to print, stuff, stamp and mail hundreds of 8-10 page newsletters month after month after month… it's not fun.  And that's one reason why I was so excited to move this business to the Internet.

Now I was able to deliver content digitally without any print costs.  I could automate nearly the entire business, even the content creation if I wanted to. 

I was SURE this is how I wanted to run my newsletter.  But I wasn't sure if it would work online. 

Aren't there enough free sites out there to deliver information?  Would anyone pay for my membership site?

You bet they will.

Real businesses find it hard to survive on one-shot sales. Look at how other industries do it: Magazine and newsletters provide periodic content, Software companies provides on-going support, Memberships off on-going content - articles, videos, mp3's. Memberships include dating, hobbies, music, games, sex, fan clubs,stock market - etc.

In fact Memberships sold $14.8 Billion this year and is growing at $1 billion a year!

However it's still estimated that only 12-20% of the internet community is paying for content which still leaves room for much more growth growth.

Are you ready to get your slice of this huge, profitable pie?

Seems MANY people are cashing in on membership sites.  And I was too...

The Results From My First Membership Site Were Spectacular!

Within a few months my membership tripled and I had subscribers from 26 countries paying monthly to access my membership site... month after month after month!

Yes! I had finally found a way to overcome one of the biggest problems with making money online . . . how to create a reliable cash flow online to replace a steady paycheck.

Membership Sites Allowed Me To Semi-Retire For A Year!

I now have several membership sites that produce a healthy full-time, predictable monthly income. They only take 5 to 10 hours a week to maintain and have given me time and freedom I never thought possible.

For example, a few years ago we moved almost 1,000 miles.

After we were there approx 7 months (and finally getting settled in) some serious family health problems caused us to move back again.

For over a year while all this was going on, I spent very little time "working" but never had to worry about our income, because my membership sites continued to generate monthly income that we could count on month after month after month!

After a while other successful online entrepreneurs started BEGGING me for advice on making money with membership sites.

So I started coaching a limited number of people 1 on 1 with great success.  In fact, legendary online marketer Matt Furey had me speak at one if his exclusive seminars. And was very pleased with the results.

Matt Furey Grew From a Few Hundred PAYING Members To Several Thousand PAYING MEMBERS In The Blink Of An Eye With My Help.

And he's not the only one I've helped.  Check out the feedback I got from people I've assisted.

"We already have over 2,000 members at $19.95/month!"

"A note of thanks for your help Ron. I started a membership website with you a few months ago and we already have over 2000 members at $19.95 per month. With this kind of residual income, I could literally retire from the other part of my business and just do online-only.

I also had Ron speak at my bootcamp on Info-Publishing.He gave an awesome presentation on the power of Membership websites and how they can be used to rake in the dough, on auto-pilot, month after month. The group loved Ron's talk because he KNOWS what he's talking about. help take your business to another level of success.

Matt Furey
best-selling author of Combat Conditioning

Note: Matt already had sucessful products and other websites before he started his membership website/advice that I provided for him.



"... over $7,000/month for the last several years..."

"Ron is a genius when it comes to marketing and membership websites. With his help our membership site initially brought in over $7,000/month for several years. However with Ron's coaching we are now on track to implement several of his ideas that will produce more. Our latest offering has over a thousand members at $39/month. This is the kind of Annuity Income that I have been seeking for years!!

I look forward to brain storming with him and the other members in the group and am excited about the future possibilities we are going to create. If you have a marketing idea and want your monthly income to grow radically, I would highly recommend you get advice from Ron. He has certainly helped me!

Gene Kelly AGI

Note: Gene already had sucessful products and other websites before he started his membership website/advice that I provided for him


"...ready to quit... my site but with with Ron's help my site went from a few members to well over a hundred almost overnight!"

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer my highest recommendation for Memberstar, as well as give my thanks to Ron for his assistance in making my site a continued success.

After a few months of launching my membership site, I was struggling to gain members and was ready to quit. I e-mailed Ron and told him I may have to cancel the site. Ron emailed me back with simple idea that could help me. I tried Ron's idea and my membership went from a few members to well over one hundred almost overnight and has continued to grow for several years and has continued to provided a steady income recurring income all this time. "

N. Lawerence

"In just one 15 minute session with Ron, I had a bundle of great ideas to implement right away"

"In just one 15 minute session with Ron, I had a bundle of great ideas to implement right away. Not only were they great ideas, they improved the quality of my site and made me money fast! Ron is a Membership GENIUS! Thank you Ron."

Marna Goldstein Thall

"..Been with me every step of the way.."

Ron has been there for me every step along the way in creating my membership website. I created my online kung-fu school nearly 2 years ago, just as the economy was going into the tank. Then I had a serious medical condition that kept me from working for a year but my site continued to provide me with a steady income. After my growth leveled off Ron had some suggestions that helped me tweak my marketing so that the site is now growing even bigger.

Sifu Ken Gullette
Online Training in the Internal Arts:
Internal Arts Blog:


Now Let's Clear Up Any Misunderstandings You May Have About Membership Websites:

  • Do people really pay to access websites?
    Yes! Paying for website access today is common place. People pay for magazines, newspapers, books, clubs, memberships, and access to many online services. They are also paying for website access containing specialized information, mentoring or and more.
  • Do I need to be a guru or big company?
    No! For every guru or large company raking in tons of money from their subscription websites, there are literally thousands of "little guys" quietly running profitable paid websites all over the world that you will never hear about. You won't believe what some of their topics are!
  • Aren't the good topics for membership limited?
    No! The variety of topics for membership sites is almost unlimited. There are successful membership sites for almost every imaginable topic from unusual business ideas, selling socks, paintball, 2nd wives clubs, finances, dating, fitness, marketing and the list goes on. The only thing they have in common is they are producing a nice steady cash flow for their owners. If there are already successful member sites on your topic, that tells you there is a market for your topic. Create a variation of what the other sites are doing or create a subniche.
  • Aren’t membership sites hard to set up?
    Yes and No! If you use one of the so called “easy” free membership scripts or try to do it yourself then setting up a site can be a real challenge, even if you’re a technical person. If you aren’t, don't even try. However if you use the proper dedicated membership software you can quickly and easily have your site up and running . . . even if you've never built a website before!

Are You Ready to Have
Your Own Profitable
Membership Site?

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should!!

1. STEADY PREDICTABLE CASH FLOW! Having your own membership site will generate recurrent, steady and predictable income whether you are on vacation, sleeping or playing tennis. You can start earning money on the first month.

2. Quick and Low Cost Start Up and Overhead. Your start up budget for your membership website can be very low, as low as $59. You can have your Website up and running as little as a week.

3. International Potential Today. If your topic is in demand, people will come to you to get the information they want and they will be willing to pay for it. Whether it’s midnight in France or 2 pm in Hong Kong, your site will be working 24/7.

4. High Profit Level. You will return a high profit level with your Membership site. The following numbers will give you an idea of what you can generate.

· 100 people paying $10/mth- your monthly income will be $1,000!
· 100 people paying $47/mth- your monthly income will be $4,700!

With 1000 members at $35/month your monthly income will be $35,000!

5. Tremendous Growth Potential. Your site is totally scalable. If you set up your membership site properly you’ll discover that it takes over only a little more effort to grow from hundreds to thousands of members.

6. Low Time Requirement. The vast majority of smaller membership websites are run by individuals who average only devote 2-10 hours per week to maintain their membership websites. Larger companies find that it takes far fewer people to run a members website than it does for other types of products and are easily scalable so if the membership grows they can easily add more employees.

Here's How To Get All My Secrets
For Building A Profitable Membership Site...

I know from first hand experience that membership sites are the best way to generate consistent monthly income.  And I know that ANYONE can be successful with this model.

I have found that many people need additional help on how to choose the best topic, how to bring in tons of new members, how to price for the maximum profits, how to keep new members, etc.

I have 9 years of experience helping people create profitable membership sites.  Some of which make five figures per month.

So I've taken those 9 years of experience, compiled it along with the best information available on membership websites, and interviewed other successful membership site owners to put together the most complete membership site course on the planet.

There are 2 versions of the Membership Site Power System: a GOLD and SILVER level. Here are the details...

Sliver Membership Site Power System

This is a complete system designed for the very serious person who wants to get off to a fast start or explode their existing site membership.

Here’s what the course includes:

4 Hour Long Training Videos

Video 1: Introduction to Membership websites
Learn more about the potential of membership sites, the advantages and requirements for having a successful site. Learn how to take your existing products and turn them into a membership site.

Video 2: Choosing a Topic
Learn how to choose the right topic or tweak your current topic to bring in more members. If you haven't chosen your topic yet, this is critical information that you must know. Even if you have already chosen your topic, you may be able to improve it or find a profitable subniche. Choose the right topic and your members will be lining up to give you money. Choose the wrong topic and you are doomed from the start.

Video 3: Successful Website Models, Pricing and Administration
Learn the 5 successful membership models, learn more about pricing for maximum profit and member retention and more. You'll learn the pros and cons of each membership model and well as the little secrets that will help you earn maximum products and keep your members for a long time.

Video 4: Marketing
Learn a dozen no cost to low cost methods to market your website for maximum results. Some of these methods are so powerful that you'll kick yourself for not doing them sooner. One of my favorite and most powerful ideas I got from someone doing several million dollars a year! You won't believe how quickly this simple idea can skyrocket your members and profits.


Receive written transcripts of our 4 training modules in PDF form so you can read and review them at your convenience.

Exclusive Interviews:

I also sought out 8 successful membership webmasters and twisted their arms to tell me all their secrets of success. You'll receive the complete audio interviews and transcripts of the hard hitting interviews I did with them.

Each of these successful membership site webmasters tell their most successful marketing methods, the biggest mistakes they made and give a great deal of advice how to have a more successful membership website.

I ONLY included interviews that taught EVEN ME new ways to grow my bank account with membership sites. 

These membership site experts include:

Matt Furey: Matt’s amazing membership site produces over $30,000/month and he tells exactly how he does it. (you’ll be amazed how easy his method is that increased his membership from 300 to over 3,000 in just a few months)

Dave Valeries: Dave is a veteran of several successful sites and tells about his unique model in which other people market his site for him.

Lisa Suttari: an eBay power seller, Lisa tells how she has created her successful website and how she gets here members to be extremely loyal and stay month after month.

Peter Schaible: Former director of the “Subscription Website Publishers Association” Peter has reviewed hundreds of sites and is a gold mine of information on what makes a successful membership work and what causes them to fail.

Angela Smith: Angela has several successful membership sites geared to women. You’ll learn how she has grown from zero to several thousand members in a short time.

Marcia Yudkin: Marcia is a well known author and business coach. Learn her strategies with her own membership websites that cost hundreds of dollars a month to join.

Milana Leshinsky: As director of the “Association of Coaching and Consulting Professionals on the Web” Milana tells how she built her association membership website and the advantages to other coaches and consultants in having a membership website

Sach Reed: Learn how Sach joint ventured with a successful radio personality to build a very successful membership model in a niche field. This is a great model of how to joint venture with someone who has the expertise in a field that you don’t.

The Silver Membership Site Power system is the REAL DEAL and covers everything you need to know to get stared.

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover...
  • The 4 critical questions you must ask when choosing a topic!
  • The fatal mistake that 50% of member site owners make that dooms their site.
  • How to choose which software to use for your members site.
  • The biggest marketing mistake most people make.
  • The almost unknown pricing strategy which explodes your membership.
  • How to get 100 members overnight!
  • Why you should never offer free trial memberships
  • How to maintain your site in less than 5 hours per week.
  • How to find a steady stream of content for your site
  • The membership model that generates it's own new content
  • The pricing method that makes members think they're paying less, but you earn more.
  • How to double the retention rate of your members.
  • How to outsource the complete running of your membership site
  • How to stay out of trouble with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
  • Plus much, much more.

Normally the investment for the Silver Membership Site Power Program Which Includes 4 Training Videos, 12 Audios, Transcripts Is Only $497.

For a limited time you will receive it for
only $297

Order now and you can download the entire system in minutes!

But Wait It Gets Even Better With Our . .

Gold Membership Site Power System

Our Gold Membership Site Power System INCLUDES EVERYTHING in the SILVER PROGRAM Plus :

Rachel Rofe's Massive "Recurring Revenue Formula" Program!

That's right. I purchased this massive membership site course originally for my own use and was so impressed that I then purchased the resale rights for it. This program has sold for up to $997, but I'm including the complete Recurring Revenue Program in the Gold Membership Site System!

Instead of me trying to explain everything in Rachel's course, I'm going to take you directly to their sales letter. Just click here to learn about it.

Just click here to learn about it

Pretty Impressive Isn't It!

And I'll include Rachel's Entire Course With Our Gold Membership Program!

Normally the investment for the Gold Membership Site Power Program (Including Rachel Rofe's "Recurring Revenue Formula" Program) is Only $697

However for a limited time you will receive it for
only an additional $100!

So you pay only $100 more and receive two complete Membership Site Courses!

The Gold Membership Power Course is only $397!

Order the Gold Course by and I'll even include these TERRIFIC bonuses:

Jeff Walker Exclusive Interview: Jeff is the creator of the very successful Product Launch Formula home study course. He is behind some of the biggest product launches in Internet history and earns 5 figures and up for this consulting. I interviewed Jeff one-on-one to pull out all his secrets for having a super successful membership site launch or relaunch. This is an exclusive interview that you won't hear elsewhere.

More In Depth Interviews: Receive several more in depth interviews sucessful membership site owners and hear direct from them how to have a sucessful membership site and just as important how to avoid the mistakes that they made.

Coaching Session
1 20 minute one-on-one coaching call's me to specifically help you with any aspect of your membership site. From choosing your topic to marketing your existing site or anything else you want to cover. I won’t pull any punches telling you my honest opinion what you need to do to be successful.

Membership Site Hosting
I'll even include 1 month free hosting with our Memberstar(tm) Membership Site Service. This is a $129/month value.

Order the Silver Membershp Site Power System Only $297

Get the Gold System with includes everything in the Silver System PLUS a 2nd Complete Course and Bonuses for Only $100 more!

Order the Gold Membership Site Power System Only $397

Let's Wrap This Up...

I'm totally confident that your Membership Site Power Course is going to be THE number one go-to source for squeezing every cent of profit possible out of the membership site you create. In fact...

For this small investment you can have a complete membership website training course that could pay for itself with just a few dozen members!

I don't know if the investment in my programs is a lot or a little money for you, but remember with just 100 subscribers you could be earning thousands of dollars per month, month after month after month.

Now you have a few decisions to make. One option is to turn your back on all of this, and try your best to forget about it. Forget about earning thousands of dollars or more month after month. That will be hard to do, won't it?

If the only thing holding you back is the money . . .  

I remember that frustration also, so I've designed a way to help you. That's why I created a new easy pay installment plan to help you. If you're serious about purchasing one of these courses, but are tight on money, try our installment plan.

The payments for the GOLD Membership Site Courses can be Split Into Two Easy Payments. See the order form for more information.

So, take a leap of faith. Don't let fear hold you back. You won't be doing this alone. In just a few weeks you could be on your way to having your own successful membership website.

Finally Earn A Consistent Monthly Income Online And You Can Say Goodbye To Your Day Job...

Now that I've shown you how you can make money with your own members site... the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you've read this far, you know that you have a strong interest in making money with membership sites. All that's left is to take the action to do it.

If you want to...

• Stop gambling on how to get started doing this...
• Turn your hobby, niche or product into a money making machine...
• Take control of how much more profitable and pleasurable your business can really be (and stop pulling your hair out from not knowing what to do

... Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, offer right now before it's too late, as I will be removing some of the bonuses and increasing the price very soon.

So do yourself and your business a favor. Join today, won't you? Don't delay any further. Every moment that passes by may be another lost opportunity.

One Final Word...

In today's uncertain economy, plain ol' "how to," what-to-do advice alone just won't cut it anymore. You need more. You need a potent combination of powerful advice, proven strategies, and specific, step-by-step examples.

That way, you can get your membership site on a fast track to more clients, less work and more profits as quickly as possible.

Pay With Credit Card or Paypal

Order Your Course today. You won't regret it.

Order the Silver Membershp Site Power System Only $297

Get the Gold System with includes everything in the Silver System PLUS a 2nd Complete Course and Bonuses for Only $100 more!

Order the Gold Membership Site Power System Only $397



P.S. Remember I can only guarantee you'll receive these prices and extra bonuses if you order by

P.P.S. If you're looking at this seriously then you owe it to yourself to try this out. Give it a try, you won't be sorry.


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